Acupunture Chart
Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine as a healing method dates back several thousand years and is deeply rooted in the even more ancient natural philosophy of Taoism. Over the centuries Oriental Medicine evolved as a practice and means of maintaining health and balance not only physiologically but with respect for the movements and transformations within the natural world.

One salient idea that has translated well to the West is the idea of Qi (pronounced chee). Qi is often understood to mean “energy” as it is described as an immaterial and motive force that exists within all things. Disruptions in the flow of Qi came to be understood as the primary source of pain and illness, and these blocks are said to manifest from injury, poor diet, weather changes, pathogenic factors, strong emotion, or over- taxation of the body and mind. Over time, theories of the particular ways in which Qi moves in the body evolved and influenced practitioners over the centuries thus gradually developing into the ideas and practices that inform Oriental Medicine today.