Dr. Paul Jenks
Paul Jenks DOM LPAT

“I love this medicine! Its profound effect on people’s health and awareness is a constant inspiration.”

Paul is a board certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine with the NCCAOM and is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico. Paul graduated from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in 2002 where he was trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practicing in Albuquerque since that time. Paul has continued his training and education by delving more deeply into Classical Chinese Medicine, an antecedent to TCM, that allows for a much greater breadth and depth of treatment and way of seeing human physiology.Paul follows the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist monk , and is currently studying Pulses and the 5 Channel Systems under Ann Cecil-Sterman , the author of Pulse Diagnosis: A Clinic Manual and a disciple of Jeffrey Yuen’s. Paul has also learned Will Morris’

Neo-Classical Pulse system and has 2 years of advanced trained in diagnostic and herbal medicine under Sharon Weizenbaum of The White Pine Institute.

Paul came to study Chinese Medicine after many years of work in the mental health and healing arts field. Paul studied Fine Art at the University of New Mexico gaining a BFA in 1985 and went on to complete his Masters in Art Therapy in 1988. After approximately 20 years of work in primarily inpatient psychiatric settings as an art therapist, Paul began to seek more tools to address the complex ills of his patients. Noting that psychiatric illness was rarely if ever disconnected from physical illness, Paul began to look into alternative medicines that might be helpful. Following his own treatment for a severe shoulder injury utilizing acupuncture, Paul was profoundly affected by the physical and emotional release of the treatments and decided to continue his education by pursuing Oriental Medicine.

Paul is a native New Mexican, raised in Corrales, and a lifelong resident of the Albuquerque area.